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The expression “It is + adj/noun to” emphasizes information by bringing it khổng lồ the front of the clause.The subject of an infinitive clause is optionally expressed as or the accusative pronoun .

Đang xem: “it's” + adjective + infinitive


It”s difficult

for me

to guess what will happen.

It”s hard

lớn know when a rat will get loose.

It”s impossible

for us

to vị this project in 24 hours

It”s important

lớn take a break twice a day.

It”s possible

for you

khổng lồ work on your own project.

It”s exciting

for us

to be here.

It”s likely

for it

khổng lồ get cold in the laboratory.


It”s a good idea (noun)

to put on your lab coat.

It”s a pleasure (noun)

for us

to have you here.

It”s an honor (noun)

for us

to work in this lab.


A similar meaning is expressed with a gerund clause followed by + adj / noun.¹ However, the clause cannot be restated with a gerund clause when “it” refers khổng lồ climate or weather.


Guessing what will happen.

is difficult.

Knowing when a rat will get loose.

is hard.

Doing this project in 24 hours

is impossible.

Taking a break twice a day.

is important

Working on your own project.

is possible.

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Being here

is exciting

¹ Getting cold in the laboratory.

is likely.


Putting on your lab coat

is a good idea.

Having you here

is a pleasure.

Working in this lab

is an honor.

Past tense “It was + adj…”

¹ The clause cannot be restated with a gerund clause when “it” refers to climate or weather.

Also see It as Subject, It Clefts & It /There Pronouns

Word Categories: N – Noun; V – Verb; Aux – Auxiliary; Adj – Adjective; Adv – Adverb; p –Preposition; Det –Determiner.

Phrasal Categories: NP – Noun Phrase; VP – Verb Phrase; AdjP – Adjective Phrase; AdvP – Adverb Phrase; PP – Prepositional Phrase; DP – Determinative Phrase.

Clausal Categories: Cls – clause; F – finite clause; NF – nonfinite clause (Ger – gerund; Inf – infinitive; PPart – past participle).

Word Functions: Subj–subject; Pred – predicate/predicator; Comp – complement: elements required by an expression to complete its meaning (DO – direct object; IO – indirect object); Adjunct – adjunct: elements not required by an expression lớn complete its meaning (Subord – subordinator; Coord – coordinator); Supl – supplement: a clause or phrase added onto a clause that is not closely related lớn the central thought or structure of the main clause.

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There in Subject Position — Milk is on the table. → There is milk on the table.

It as Subject Placeholder — That he is very funny is obvious. → It is obvious that he is very funny.

“It is” + Adj + Infin — Finding the answers is hard. → It is hard to lớn find the answers.

“It seems” / “It occurs” / “It is likely” — It seems odd lớn me that he didn”t say anything.

“It takes” + Infinitive — To get ready takes ten minutes. → It takes ten minutes to lớn get ready.

“Identifying “be”” — Rain is there. There is rain; Reciprocal Property (A + B = B + A)

It / This Reference— Gizmo developed a new app. It is amazing. Gizmo managed lớn develop a new app. This is amazing.

It Clefts (extraposition) — What he said was amazing. It was amazing what he said.

It is that… / for you to…

Restating a that-clauses as an infinitive clause

It is adjective that… / It is adjective for you to…


It”s + adj can be followed by that + a clause with should or a subjunctive verb to lớn express a wish, recommendation or suggestion.The subject is mentioned in the clause.


It is important


yoube careful at all times.

It is a good idea (noun!)


Jack close all cages at night.

It is essential


itgo well.

It”s not necessary


theywork until 3 a.m.

It is rare


wewear lab coats.


A similar meaning is expressed with It”s + adj followed by an infinitive clause. The subject (doer of the activity) in the infinitive clause can be included .


It is important

for you

to be careful at all times.

It is a good idea

for Jack

to lớn close all cages at night.

It is essential

for it

to go well.

It”s not necessary

for them

work until 3 a.m.

It is rare

for us

to wear lab coats.

Infinitive Clause | Imperative Clauses(subjunctive) | “Order” + Obj + Infin


It”s kind of you to bởi that. The expression focuses on the speaker”s opinion of person (you) not the speaker”s opinion on how the activity positively or negatively affects the person (you).

It is likely that you will come with us.

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It”s likely to rain today. Mostly used with weather, climate, temperature.See It /There Pronouns

It was important that they fixed it then because it was a big problem for them. Adjust the time frame to lớn the rest of the clause even though the person is stating opinion in the present.