Top 13+ Tiếng Anh Lớp 6 Unit 9 Skills 2


Dưới đấy là mẫu giáo án VNEN unit 9 Cities of the world: Skills 2. Bài học nằm trong lịch trình tiếng Anh 6 tập 2. Bài bác mẫu có : văn bản text, tệp tin PDF, file word lắp kèm. Thầy cô giáo có thể tải về nhằm tham khảo. Hi vọng, chủng loại giáo án này đem về sự hữu ích.

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Unit 9 : Cities of the worldSkills 2I/ OBJECTIVES-By the end of the lesson, students can: Listen for specific details including facts và figures.-Write a holiday postcard. -Practise listening & writing skills. 1.Knowledge: a. Grammar: - the present perfect tense.b. Lexical items Vocab: Continents, countries, cities và landmarks.c. Pronunciation: 2. Skills: - Listening, Speaking, Reading,Writing and interactive skills3. Attitude: - Cooperation, respect, having right and friendly attitudes with friends, teachers in the new school4. Chất lượng and competence: - Be confident và friendly with the new school environment- Develope listening, speaking skills và cooperative interactionII/ TEACHING aids (MATERIALS) Teacher’s preparation: 2.Students’ preparation: - Lesson plan, Pictures, posters ,textbook,CD-MP3(Computer-Multi projector/cassette/ “sách mềm”) và other materialsTextbook, notebook, school things.III/ WORKING ARRANGEMENTS( WAYS OF WORKING )-Pair work , individual work, group work, T-WCIV/ TEACHING PROCEDURE:1-Greeting`and checking students’ adtendence: Total: In: ......... Out: .......... .2-Checking the old lesson3-New lesson:Teacher’s activitiesStudent’s activitiesContentI-Warmer-Greeting.-Checking attendance.Asking for the teaching dateII-Revision-Teacher checks Ss’ homework.-Get one student lớn go khổng lồ the board khổng lồ write new wordsIII-New lesson- Pre-teach new words.Listening1.Look at the picture.. (P33) - T ask Ss what they see in the photos first. Ask if they know about Nobel Prize. Ss can talk about this in Vietnamese if they don’t have enough vocabulary.2.Listen & tick... (P33) - T goes through the statements with Ss. Ask Ss khổng lồ underline the most important information in each sentence. - Ask Ss to listen for main ideas.- Explain the meaning of new words- Play the recording as many times as Ss wish and ask them to vày True or False3. Listen again to the talk and.... (P33)- Ss listen to lớn exact details in the recording. Ask them to identify the kind of information they have lớn find out: years, amount of money, number of people, date,,,- Play the recording & ask them to vày True or False.- Correct the answersWriting- Write 5 Ws & 1 H on the board và ask Ss lớn give examples.4. Rearrange the words to make.... (P33)- Ask ss khổng lồ read all the words in 4 và put them in the correct order lớn make sentences5. Write a postcard.. (P33)Notes: Space for writing on postcards is not big so people often write short sentences which contain the most important, & which can express what they are feeling. Tell Ss that contraction is often used in writing postcards khổng lồ make it short and informal.- Ask Ss khổng lồ use the notes they have made in Speaking 4, page 28 lớn write a postcard to their family or friends. Remind them how the 5 Ws & 1 H are included in the notes.- Ss swap và give feedback on each other’s writing once they have finished.-student to go khổng lồ the board khổng lồ write new words.-individual work-Listen-Repeat in chorus-Copy the new words-Individual work-Individual work-Individual work-Individual work1.Key:Nobel Prize, Royal Palace, museum, cafes, restaurants, shops..*New words:- award (n, v) <ə"wɔ:d> phần thưởng, trao giải- Nobel prize (n) : giải thưởng Nobel- diploma (n) : bằng cấp, văn bằng- palace (n) <"pælis> : cung điện- medal (n) <"medl> : Huy chương- receive (v) Nhận2.Key:1. T2. F (The oldest, not the biggest)3. F (Today, the Old Town is a place with cafes, restaurants, shops và museums.)4. F (All Nobel Prizes, except for the Nobel Peace Prize)5. F (It is presented by the Swedish King.)3.Key:1. 14 2. 700 3. 3,0004. 10 December 5. 10 million4.Key:1. Stockholm is fantastic!2. We’re in domain authority Lat!3. We’re having a good time here!4. I love Disneyland!5. You must come!6. I wish you were here!5.Key:July 14, 2021Dear......,Sam Son is fantastic! The weather has been perfect. It’s sunny. The hotel is OK. I like sea food!ConsolidationTeacher gets students khổng lồ retell what they have learnt.Homework-Prepare for the next lesson: Unit 9: Looking back và Project.-Learn by heart all the new words-Do Ex E1, 2, 3 (WB)

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